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A marriage seminar for developing unity with your spouse.

This overnight experience will help couples grow in their understanding of becoming one in Christ. During the time together they will learn more about how to properly interpret interactions, understand personality differences, and put aside painful tensions that exist in the marriage.

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A marriage seminar for finding your identity and  learning to speak from the heart.

Did you know that your communication style is grounded in your identity? In this overnight seminar, participants will experience how knowing who they are can produce a joyful style of communication.  They will develop new practices as they learn how to speak from the heart.

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A marriage seminar on how to develop freedom and victory in your life.

This overnight experience will help individuals in a relationship identify and release the challenges they have in their lives and marriages. This seminar teaches how the biblical principles of freedom and victory can be applied in our lives to cultivate new patterns of thinking within the marriage relationship.

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