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"Of divorced couples (2012) less than 5% had sought out any counseling (of any kind religious or professional).  Of those who had a rocky season and stayed together, 67% of them say it was because they sought out counseling.

We fully accept spending $5,000 to fix the roof on our house, but then we’re hesitant to invest half as much into protecting the marriage that lives under the same roof."


~ Author Unknown

MLR is a four-day intensive designed to expose the root cause of relationship conflict. It is conducted in a discipleship-focused, small-group setting which also includes private couples therapy sessions with a licensed counselor.
   Most couples address problems such as disengagement, conflict, and poor communication by trying to change behavior only. Behaviors are symptoms, and focusing on symptoms alone does not solve problems. The MLR intensive helps couples find breakthrough by shifting from a self-focused mindset to an others-focused mindset.
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