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This one-and-a-half day experience will help married couples grow in their understanding of being One in Christ Jesus. During the time together they will learn more about how to properly interpret communication, understand personality differences and put aside painful tensions that exist in the marriage.​
Programs at Developing Great Relationships
This one-and-one-half day experience will help couples find their true identity and develop fun and healthy ways to communicate. In this seminar participants will experience how knowing who they are can produce a joyful style of communication. They will learn new habits and practices as they Speak from the Heart.
Programs at Developing Great Relationships were developed for those who desire to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Christs' love. 

Pizza and Pastors -   All pastors and Church leaders are invited to come for food, fellowship and discussion on the issues that, often times, consume too much of the Church's resources and the Pastor's time. 
Speaking from the Heart
(Identity & Communication Seminar)
Walking in Victory
(Seminar of Strength)
Making Fantastic Marriages
Making Fantastic Marriages includes three-seminars at Developing Great Relationships which was created to help couples strengthen their marriage.  Becoming One, Speaking from the Heart and Walking in Victory are seminars that provide Biblical instruction as well as helping to improve the patterns of interaction that lead to making a fantastic marriage.  These day and a half seminars (Friday evening and all day Saturday) are suitable for those who need encouragement in their marriage as well as those who simply enjoy continued growth and happiness.  More detailed information is available by clicking on each of the three seminar links below.

This NEW one and one half day seminar for couples will allow them to identify and release the challenges that they have in their lives and marriages.
Loving Children God's Way - A Parenting Seminar - A one day marriage seminar that disciples couples in God's way of parenting (loving).